Welcome to Melbear's Quality Collectibles now at melbears.com, Artist teddy bears By Melanie Clark

Welcome to Melbear's Quality Collectibles at melbears.com

Artist Teddy Bears and other critters by Melanie Clark

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Artist Teddy Bears, Bunnies, dragons, Golly's and Kittens available right now My newest artist Teddy Bears, Bunnies, Kittens and other Creations Available for Immediate adoption
Artist Teddy Bears For Order Mohair artist Teddy Bears Available for Order
Mohair Bunnies, artist made Hopping down the Bunny trail! Mohair Bunnies available for Order
 Mohair Fantasy creatures, dragons, fairies.  Dragons and other Fantasy Creatures!
Mohair artist Kittens, cats, kitty's Meow! Mohair Kittens and Cats available for order
Artist Golly's, Golly, Golliwogg, Goli, Goliwog's Golly's, Golliwogg, Golliwog, Gollies.. However you like to spell it he is Teddy's Best Friend!!!
Mini miniature bears and other Critters Meet the Minis! Miniature Teddy bears and other critters!
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Blossom, artist bear by Melanie Clark >

<A HREF= Shadow the  Artist Mohair Kitten By Melanie Clark
Blossom the Teddy Bear and Shadow the Kitten

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